Laravel Reverb Released

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Laravel Reverb, the latest addition to Laravel's suite of real-time application development tools, offers a seamless WebSocket server solution tailored for Laravel applications. With optimized speed, effortless integration with Laravel's broadcasting capabilities, and built-in support for horizontal scaling using Redis, Reverb enables developers to enhance real-time functionality without compromising performance.

With this release, the trifecta of real-time application development in Laravel is now complete!

The Laravel team have recently released a new first party package and it is called Laravel Reverb. Reverb is a WebSocket server made for Laravel apps filling the missing piece between a Laravel app and Echo when developing real-time applications. Before Reverb, we had third parties like Pusher, Ably, Laravel WebSockets made by the BeyondCode team and Soketi. Some of Reverbs features are:

Blazing Fast

Reverb is fine-tuned for speed. A single server can support thousands of connections, piping data without the delay and inefficiency of HTTP polling.

Seamless Integration

Develop with Laravel's broadcasting capabilities. Deploy with Reverb's first-party Forge integration. Monitor with baked-in support for Pulse.

Built for Scale

Infinitely increase capacity by utilizing Reverb's built-in support for horizontal scaling using Redis, allowing you to manage connections and channels across multiple servers.

Pusher Protocol

Reverb utilizes the Pusher protocol for WebSockets, making it immediately compatible with Laravel broadcasting and Laravel Echo.

Find the Reverbs beautiful home page here for more information.


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