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Ad Ops Department Cross Training Program

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The Advertising Operations department of Webteractive conducted a comprehensive cross-training program led by experienced professionals to enhance skills and understanding across different areas of advertising operations, fostering teamwork and mentorship. Through sessions led by various experts including Aime, Glenda, Dave, Isiah, Marge, Glan, and Reynand, participants gained valuable insights into managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, coordination tasks, reporting dynamics, CMS proficiency, and internal CMS operations, culminating in a reenergized and united commitment to excellence in navigating the evolving landscape of digital advertising.

The Advertising Operations department of Webteractive organized a thorough cross-training program, led by experienced professionals. This program aimed to improve our skills in different areas of advertising operations and help us understand each other's roles better. Through teamwork and mentorship, participants learned valuable insights and sharpened their abilities, which ultimately strengthened our team's cohesion and effectiveness within the organization.

Aime's Insightful Dive into Google and Facebook Ads:

To start the sessions, Aime Umemura, the Performance Marketing Coordinator, provided a detailed overview of the daily tasks involved in managing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ad Manager. She explained how to handle monthly reports, daily metrics, and deal with special client requests, offering valuable insights into the ever-changing world of online advertising.

Glenda's Collaborative Endeavors in Facebook Ads:

In tandem with Aime, Glenda Baloca also a Performance Marketing Coordinator, shared her knowledge and experience in implementing and reporting Facebook Ads. Together, they enhanced our comprehension, delving into tasks that went beyond Aime's expertise and helping us refine our abilities in managing the complexities of Facebook advertising campaigns.


Dave's Coordination Mastery as Ad Ops Coordinator:

Dave Francis Cancio, the Ad Ops Coordinator, came forward to discuss his many responsibilities. He talked about tasks like recruiting assets and meeting client needs. He also stressed the importance of creating informative monthly reports, highlighting how coordination is essential for smooth operations. His explanation of how his tasks meet client needs really resonated with the team.


Isiah and Marge's Reporting Dynamics:

The spotlight then shifted to Isiah Kriston Domingo and Margelyn Bacaling (Ad Ops Coordinators), sharing insights into their teamwork on weekly and monthly client reports. Their collaboration highlighted how working together helps turn complicated data into useful insights, promoting a culture of excellence in the department.


Glan's CMS Proficiency:

Glan Ysmael Ines, a Content Editor, stepped up to discuss his expertise in Content Management Systems (CMS). As the person responsible for handling client-provided content, his skill in uploading and managing content played a vital role in ensuring advertising campaigns ran smoothly.

Reynand's Insight into Internal CMS Operations:

Wrapping up the sessions, Reynand Collado the SEO Specialist, provided insight into the internal CMS operations of Webteractive websites. His detailed knowledge and handling of internal content reflected the department's dedication to excellence in all aspects of our operations.

As this cross-training journey comes to a close, the Advertising Operations department feels reenergized and equipped with fresh insights and a united dedication to excellence. With each speaker shedding light on various aspects of our dynamic field, we are ready to confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising with skill and confidence.


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Reynand Collado

Reynand Collado

SEO Specialist / Reports / Ad Ops Coordinator

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