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Frictionless Software Development: An Idea on How to Have Fast and Productive Development in our Organization

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Navigating diverse backgrounds and coding styles can be challenging in software development, but sticking with a team for five years is an accomplishment. Despite the difficulties, it's important to communicate concerns and innovate, while also embracing successful frameworks like Laravel, even though it may lead to some developers feeling like they're just following a prescribed path. Additionally, addressing challenges such as integrating BigQuery into Laravel and prioritizing decoupling code and documentation can contribute to smoother development processes, while fostering a collaborative, supportive team environment where competition is minimized and well-being is prioritized.

Working with any software developer to complete a project may be challenging. Especially when you have different backgrounds, interests, and coding styles. Facing difficulties with your colleagues sometimes is imminent. Working 5 years with the company is an achievement.

As a developer for years, I feel bad for not stepping up. Ain’t easy to voice out sometimes. The team might take it against you. You better be a good puppy and use the same recipe. It’s just a joke!

Execution is vital. Data from your team’s reaction to the approaches is one of the aspects to build frictionless software development. For example, Taylor Otwell and his team built Laravel and most users love it. They made a lot of versions. You need to follow their approaches in every version which isn’t bad at all since they also release interesting features to make your development faster. The downside of the Laravel ecosystem is that most developers are like zombies following their approaches on how to deal with certain problems; mostly they have the answers for you. Just a few lines and code and you are done! As a developer, I’m assuming that our projects are easy and fun because of this.

Some requirements in our development need extra work outside the framework. One of the challenging projects we have is the one that involves BigQuery. Laravel doesn’t support it. Creating a custom driver to make it work in the Eloquent ORM is ideal for us. We’re almost there like 80% only time is our enemy. One person started the integration which is positive but we can’t reuse it yet. I’m also a suspect since I have touched its code base. We did not add it to our composer repository because we have tight deadlines.

Decoupling codes for team consumption and writing a none mediocre documentation is one of the steps to frictionless development. The team should love it! They should check and give feedback constructively. We have a lot of codes to decouple, reuse, and test. To be honest, there’s a lot of treasure hiding underneath our codebase. 

Competition also causes friction in our development. Supposedly it’s an unknown realm but it exists. I do not care who the alpha or the elite software developer is. Everyone should not treat anyone as their competition since the success of the organization relies on every team member. None should measure its team members' capacity by their own delusional assessment. Share your ideas! It might work. Next to this is the one who’s going to decouple and document the features. If the management notices this article what’s their action? Are they going to kill me for this?

Frictionless software development should also cover every developer’s well-being. Reducing the stress of every teammate and controlling your emotions in a positive way going to work is one of the recipes for good team chemistry.


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Jose Lo Jr.

Jose Lo Jr.

Senior Full-Stack

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